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The exit

The exit
  • rick131

    The entire globe is continuing to have record breaking heat month after month except for the east coast of the US.

    • Brokes

      Global Cooling (1970's), Global Warning (2001), Climate Change (2012), What next? It's all about fear and $$$$. Control the masses with fear and false science. At the end of the day, global warming will be a good thing but it's not man made fool.

      • PeopleRStrange AllTheTime

        Sounds like your talking about religion. Fear and $$$$ and controlling the masses. And it's man made!

  • This Is A Stick

    I guess Punxsutawney Phil WAS right, and Dunkirk Dave was wrong (as usual) whereas it's going to be 6 more weeks of winter.
    I sure don't see an early spring on the horizon. Someone ought to put Dave back to groundhog school.

  • Super Dark Energy

    'Dangerous cold and potentially life-threatening wind chills' forecast...Kevin O'Connell States Minus 50 degrees Wind Chill.....It's tranquil out again, for a wind chill to be a factor you need the wind, and O'Connell is the Biggest Blowhard out there.