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Putin's food ban

Putin's food ban


  • Bob

    They should go after MeTV, be nice to have that service on a pass-through basis.

    • Dan Snappy

      Scripps signed up for Laff nation wide. MeTV is kind of the gold standard for subchannels, but it's the parent companies making the decisions. Though, Bounce is one of the best also. Better movies and more variety.

      • Bob

        MeTV is the gold standard, and that is why I'd love to have it picked up in pass-though mode rather than the way WBBZ uses it. I realize WBBZ runs it pass-through on another sub-channel but, their signal is so weak its not available in most of metro Buffalo without an expensive antenna. They don't seem to want to increase the signal so that's its easily available to all. They seem content to survive by being carried by the providers; cable, fios, and satellite. The station would not exist if not for the FCC "Must Carry" rule for local stations.

        • John Pawlowski

          What's an expensive antenna if it costs less than a month's worth of cable TV? WBBZ actually broadcasts on the old VHF band, channel 7 frequency. Most of those small, or flat, or "leaf" antennas are designed to pick up UHF TV band frequencies best, but don't pick up VHF frequencies well or at all. Get yourself an ordinary $5 cheap set of rabbit ears, extend them 13-18" & you'll pick up WBBZ fine anywhere in WNY. The rabbit ears will also pick up the UHF frequencies just fine. Amplified antennas sometimes amplify more noise with the signal, so you may get better reception without an amplified antenna. My problem is no matter what indoor antenna or TV I use I can't pick up channel 49 in Allentown on an upper floor, in the middle of the city, or sometimes only briefly on a good day. I pick up some Canadian channels better occasionally.

  • pantherpawz99

    WBBZ ruins MeTV with all their mindless infomercials. Every time I want to watch one of my favorite classic shows, I end up with an infomercial instead. I hate WBBZ!!

  • poopdickmccracken

    Bounce is the worst channel ever. Even for free. And they play that rapist bill cosbys cartoons. But its all good blacks think rape and theft are how one is supposed to act.

  • poopdickmccracken

    Also who actually gets 7 over the air. I have an antenna that costs more more then the crew of 20 that keeps kieth alive and full of oil and still cant get it over the air.

    • John_JP

      I live in Buffalo's Allentown. I'm getting on average over 30 channels (if you include all the sub-channels) with an ordinary set of rabbit ears that cost under 10 bucks... including channel 7. Skip the gimmicky flat antennas that are designed for only the UHF band anyway. Some of our digital channels are still on VHF. Rabbit ears were very successful for over 60 years because they do well for an indoor antenna.